Saturday, November 28, 2015


This past week I purchased shares or railroad CSX for my IRA account.  With it's history of increasing dividends and a price that seemed like a good buying point, I've added it as a core holding (long term) to my retirement account.  I also believe that railroads will benefit greatly from continued low energy prices.  Got in before the ex-dividend date, so I should see my first dividend from CSX in December.

Was shocked to see the drop in share price of UVE.  It appears to be mostly due to a report issued by some short sellers of UVE, putting the company in a bad light.  However, UVE has rebutted their claims, although the damage has been done as far as share price goes.  I think it's a bunch of hogwash myself.  As a long time investor in UVE, I've seen the company steadily grow their service area and increase income and I personally thought it was still a buy at over $30 per share.  As far as I'm concerned, it's a steal at just over $20 per share.  I'll continue to hold UVE and reinvest dividends to purchase additional shares.  It's kind of nice the share price is so low right before they pay out the special dividend in December.  I'll be able to buy more shares with my dividend payment at the lower price.  Eventually I'm sure the price rebound.  Even at the current price it's a great return on my original investment.

After reading the latest report from NCZ I switched from reinvesting monthly dividends to having them paid in cash.  While I expect bonds in general to perform poorly for the next few years, NCZ hasn't done well at all.  I don't plan on selling my shares, but I will take the monthly cash and put it to work elsewhere.

The month of November edged out July as the record month for dividend income, beating July by a little over 1%.  That's not much but I'll take it.  This record won't hold long since December is set to blow it out of the water!  It's looking to be a very Merry Christmas and a good start to a Happy New Year!

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