Sunday, September 20, 2015


Thanks to an unexpected cash windfall, I put in an order to purchase more shares of AOD, UTG and PHK which will boost monthly dividend income by a whopping 42%!  This investment boosts total cash invested by 25% and increases total shares owned by 40%.  As an added bonus, since I hold UTG in my IRA, it will also give me an additional tax credit when I file my taxes for 2015.

In order to get the most bang for the buck, I reviewed my current holdings to see where the money could best be deployed.  I went for one conservative fund (UTG), one medium risk fund with a higher yield (AOD) and one higher risk bond fund with very high yield (PHK).  With the market being off recent highs, I'll be getting in at a better price and stand to boost overall portfolio yield.  I estimate overall dividend yield to be approximately 7.5% after this latest purchase!

Still have my original plan in place to boost income 10% per month through the rest of 2015.  However, I may decide to change my original investment purchases to make the most of tax deductions and savings on commissions.

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