Wednesday, July 1, 2015


July started off with a bang, as I collected another 5 dividend payments for the first day of the month!  That makes 11 payments total in the last two days!  Who says dividend investing is boring.  I get pretty excited about it when I see the money rolling in.  

UVE is set to pay on the second, shares ended up 4.42% today.  Overall 75% of my current holdings ended higher for the day, so I'm pretty happy about that.  Total portfolio value is still down, mostly due to seasonal drop in price of UVE which is still my largest holding.  Don't intend to ever sell any shares of UVE as long as they're paying dividends.  It's been a great investment over the past 10 years.  I've bought low and sold high and collected a lot of dividends along the way.  I bought back in a little over 2 years ago, held until the price doubled, sold enough shares to pull all my out of pocket money out and kept the rest.  Since then I've reinvested dividends to build my stake back up, with no additional cash investment on my part.  Warren Buffet says a good investment should continue to grow without adding additional cash.  So I'm pretty sure UVE is one of the best investments I've ever made.

ROYT dropped in price today, but I'm looking forward to the increased payout this month.  Last month's increase was a nice surprise, but I never expected to see them increase the payout again, especially while the share price is so low.  I'm reinvesting it all and letting it ride.  I'm still convinced that I'll see some fantastic gains from ROYT as soon as the price of gas goes back up.  We all know that's just a matter of time.  I wouldn't be surprised if gas prices stayed low until after the presidential election in 2016, since historically gas prices always drop during the presidential campaigns.  The article I read about it theorized that the government manipulates the pricing so the incumbent party has a better chance of retaining the White House.  

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