Saturday, July 4, 2015


Although not so surprised, I was very pleased to see Hawthorne Bank pay a special stock dividend to shareholders this month.  It wasn't surprising, since they've paid the special dividend every July since I've owned the stock.  I am a bit partial to HWBK, although not emotionally attached.  I bought my initial stake when share prices were down, following a bad earnings report.  Since they have a strong presence here in central Missouri, I was very familiar with the bank and their operations and saw an opportunity for gains from a turnaround.  I haven't been disappointed.  My stake in Hawthorne is up nearly 60% since my initial investment!

It's been a good week overall for my portfolio.  Even though some of my holdings were down, ended the week with a record high balance in my investment account.  Got a lot of great dividends in the past 7 days, which always renews my enthusiasm for dividend investing.  During the past 5 days I collected a whopping total of 15 dividend payments!  While the total dollar amount is still small, it is growing every single month.  Imagine if you could find a job where you didn't have to do a lot of work, you got paid 16 times a month and every payday you got a small raise.  Would you be excited about a job like that?  That's exactly why I'm excited about dividend investing.

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