Monday, November 24, 2014


Sold my speculative stake in MACK pharmaceuticals to lock in 20% gain.  Decided to reinvest the proceeds in additional shares of NCZ.  This will boost monthly dividend income by 3%.  While none of my current fund holdings have been stellar performers, NCZ has proven a good source of monthly cash flow so it seems to be the best means or redeploying the cash from the sale of MACK.  

Have been working on my investment plan for the new year as I mentioned in earlier posts.  Everything is pretty well in place.  My big goals for next year are to purchase stakes in SDY and DIA for my IRA and taxable account respectively.  I also hope to complete the purchase of stakes in my "wish list" stocks mentioned in earlier posts.  The 7 stocks (INTC, CLX, WPZ, ADP, GPC and MSEX) along with the 2 funds mentioned above will make up the core of my long term portfolio along with UVE, GE, NYCB and LLY.  The other 8 holdings in my 20 stock portfolio will change out from time to time.  Have set my plan for 2015 in motion, including a new personal budget targeting increased savings and debt payoff.  

2015 is already looking to be a much better year, now if I could just find that new job. :0)

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