Thursday, May 22, 2014


Dividend income for the second month of the second quarter (May) is up 30% over second month of the first quarter (Feb) of 2014!  While increased monthly cash flow was not unexpected, it's a nice surprise to see such a fantastic increase.  The month of June should be even better since it will be the first month I'll receive 20 dividend payments in a single month.  Haven't calculated the projected amount, I'd prefer to watch the money roll in and add it up then.

Stocks rebounded today, a trend I'm not expecting to continue, at least not in the short term.  While I'm not seeing evidence of a major correction, I do expect the market to cool through the summer months.  It's a holiday weekend and people are gearing up for summer festivities, so they'll be spending less time actively trading in the stock market.  

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