Friday, May 9, 2014


Just put in an order today to purchase additional shares of
CRF for my taxable account.  The new shares will begin paying
dividends in June, boosting monthly dividend income by
another 8%!  This is in addition to the dividends from NCZ
and AOD which also start in June.

The 8% boost in third quarter earnings means that I’ll have 3
months to boost income another 12% to meet my goal of
increasing dividend income by 20% each quarter.  I’ve
exceeded my goal in each of the first two quarters and I’m very
hopeful of doing the same in the third quarter.  With lower
utility costs for the spring and summer months and a few more
work hours, I should be able to come up with extra money to
invest.  I’ll also be on the lookout for special situations like the
one I took advantage of this past quarter, when I sold enough
shares to pull out my original investment in UVE and
reinvested the money in monthly dividend payers.

Was able to increase my stake in CRF with money received
from advertising on my blog from infolinks.  I’ve been with
infolinks for quite some time now and have been quite satisfied
with the program.  It’s nice to know the money I’ve earned so
far will continue to grow through monthly dividends paid on
CRF stock.

The month of June will be the first 20 dividend month!  With
20 dividends, it will also be the best month for dividend income
in 2014.  While I expected this to be a good year for my
investments, I had no idea just how good it would be.

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