Friday, May 2, 2014


The only speculative stock I hold (does not pay dividends) is finally showing a small gain.  While my reasons for purchasing shares of this pharmaceutical company are still valid, I had hope for a better showing before now.  But sometimes you just have to wait for a good thing.  Can't always have a quick turnaround of cash.

That being said, my dividend stocks are doing quite well.  The dividends I collected on the first day of May beat out the entire month of 2013 by 10% and I will still collect another 7 dividends before the end of the month!  Most of the largest payments are still to come, so I'm expecting a nice increase in cash flow over last year.  

Purchased new stake in NCZ too late to collect dividend for May, but will collect for the new shares in June along with AOD.  The combined income will increase monthly cash flow by 10%, so I'm pretty excited about that.  I was checking my spreadsheets to see what kind of increases I'm getting from reinvested dividend payments.  Some of the monthly payers are increasing by 2.1% per month, just from the reinvested dividends!  That's the magic of compounding at work.  The spreadsheets I created to track dividend income make it easy to calculate returns, so I'm really liking the new system I've come up with for tracking investment performance.  It's simple and easy to keep up with and makes the whole process of investing more exciting. 

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