Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Just collected a dividend payment from Haines Brand Inc.
yesterday.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the payout had
increased by 50% since the last quarter!  While I’d expected
HBI to be a great long term holding, especially after they began
paying out dividends last year, I hadn’t really expected such a
dramatic increase in dividends in such a short time.  I get
excited by any increases in dividend income, whether from
reinvested dividends, or additional cash investments.
However,  I’m even more excited when I see companies
increasing their dividends and returning more money to

My stake in HBI is a result of a previous investment in Sara
Lee.  When Sara Lee spun off HBI to its shareholders, I kept
the stock even though they were not paying dividends at the
time.  I knew of HBI’s past performance before becoming a
part of Sara Lee and even though they inherited a lot of debt
from the spin off, I saw positive moves on the part of the people
in charge, so I held on to the stock.  So very glad I did.  I’ve
seen spectacular gains in the share price over the past two
years and as icing on the cake I’m now seeing spectacular gains
in cash flow from the dividends.

While I consider myself a dividend investor, I think it’s wise to
take advantage of other opportunities as they present
themselves.  Right now I’m hoping to see my investment in
MACK, a small pharmaceutical company specializing in
developing new cancer medications, take off and make the kind
of gains I’ve seen from HBI.  While I think the prospects are
good, only time will tell.  Purely a speculative play on my part.

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