Saturday, March 1, 2014


March 1st I collected my first 7 of 17 dividend payments and have already exceeded total dividend income for the month of March 2013.  By the time I collect the remaining 10 dividend payments for the remainder of the month, income will be up over 300% compared to last year!  I'll be earning more than 4 times the cash from dividends!  Easy to see, I'm excited about this.  I continue to be amazed at how well this whole investment plan has worked out.  Of course we've had a nice run with the stock market during the past year.  However, I'm not comparing gains in share prices here.  I'm evaluating the effectiveness of the whole plan according to monthly cash flow, because it's the monthly cash flow that I'll eventually be wanting to collect and live off of.  Gains in share prices are nice, but you have to sell and create a taxable event to collect.  I'm much happier to see gains in monthly cash flows.

March will be the biggest month so far for dividend income in 2014.  Although after re-adjusting my dividend calender, it looks like I'll have 2 more months with 17 dividends each.  Those two months will exceed income for March due to reinvested dividends and additional cash investments.  It's an ever escalating process, with cash flow increasing every single month.  With a major setback in the market, it is possible to see dividend cuts or suspensions, however, I've done my best to avoid such scenarios by picking issues that weathered past financial distress and continued paying.  

Will be glad to see winter finally coming to an end, but I am excited about the rest of the month.  While I'm quite happy with the payments I've collected so far, I'm looking forward to the remaining 10 dividends!

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