Sunday, April 21, 2013


Finally decided on my last three blue chip stocks to complete the purchasing phase of my new portfolio.  With the 4 quarterly payments from HBI and the 12 quarterly payments from my next 3 stock purchases, I will be collecting a total of 111 dividend payments per year.  How's that for compounding?

One hundred eleven payments per year works out to 9.25 dividend payments per month or about 2.14 payments per week, on average.  While this is not the dividend a day that I had been shooting for before my last heart attack, it's still quite good and much easier to manage.  I'll be invested in a total of 19 different stocks and funds, which is quite a few, but still an easily manageable amount.  

As for the final picks to round out my portfolio, I've decided to purchase shares in Coca Cola (KO), Wells Fargo (WFC) and Intel (INTC).  These will be long term investments for me and I was looking for stocks with earnings and dividend growth potential.  I also wanted to go with big brands, since I took on more risk with some of my higher yield holdings.  I think these three stocks will bring balance and help reduce risk over the long haul, while providing good potential for rising dividends over time.  I'll be adding these three stocks to my portfolio over the next two quarters, then I'll concentrate totally on building positions in my current investments for increased monthly cash flow.  

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