Friday, January 11, 2013


We survived December 21st, 2012 and avoided (even if temporarily) falling off the "fiscal cliff," so we're off to a new start in 2013.  I've finished revising my investment plan for the new year.  I'll be concentrating on rebuilding my investment portfolio as rapidly as possible.  I was nearly wiped out in 2012 by medical costs related to another heart attack and heart surgery.  I'm back at work now and am happy to report my investment account is already churning out 28 dividend payments per year or 2.33 payments per month.  I'm re-investing all dividends in IRA account and taking cash payments in my taxable account, unless I'm building on a position, in which case the payments are re-invested.

My plan is simple and straight forward:  I add to my investments every payday.  Re-invest all dividends in my IRA account.  Take cash dividend payments in my taxable account to help build investment capital for new stock purchases.  Any unexpected windfalls, tax refunds, etc., will be added to my savings and investments.    One of my best tips for painlessly adding to savings, never spend change.  I empty all the change from my pocket at the end of each day into a jar and when it's full, I take it to my bank and have them run it through the change counter and add it to my savings account.  I promise you, you will be amazed how much money this can add up to.

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