Sunday, January 29, 2012


It was a banner day for coupons today!  Picked up 2 newspapers for $4.01 and got over $300 in coupons to restock my coupon binder.  Looking forward to a lot of great savings in the weeks to come :0). 

On my weekly trip to Walgreens I did two transactions.  The first transaction was for a new razor, eye drops and aspirin.  With coupons I saved a little over 60% on my first purchase.  For my second transaction I purchased grocery items including Bon Appetite meals, Pepsi 2 liters, toilet paper and paper towels.  With one register reward from the first transaction and 2 manufacturers coupons I saved over 90% on my second transaction, paying a total of $2.67 for my grocery/household items!  I ended up spending a total of $20 cash, however I also received $16 in register rewards to use on next weeks shopping trip. 

So although I spent $20, next week I'll get to spend $16 out of that $20 again on additional purchases.  With all the coupons from today's paper and $16 in register rewards, I'm really looking forward to next weeks ad!

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