Saturday, January 28, 2012


After taking in to consideration the state of the U.S. and world economy I've decided to keep things simple for the first part of 2012 and invest in utilities.  I've written in earlier posts my reasons for believing utility companies will do well for the next few years, so I've picked out what I believe to be some of the best of the best to beef up the utility section of my portfolio and increase monthly cash flows.  Increasing monthly cash flow while keeping risk at a minimum is my biggest investment goal for the year. 

I'm still working on rebuilding my investment portfolio after the big payouts on health care from my heart attack.  Of course I still have the expense of ongoing care, with no insurance, but I've managed to keep expenses to a manageable level so far.  Things should be even easier as more of my old debts are paid off this year.  I should be entirely debt free by the end of 2012, which frees up money spent on debt for building my dividend stock portfolio.  I have already doubled my monthly cash investment and will continue to increase contributions as bills are paid off.

So the simple overall plan is pay off debt and buy utilities for 2012.  May not be the best of plans, but I'm sure I could do a lot worse. 

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