Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What exactly are the people who are occupying Wall Street hoping to accomplish?  So far I'm not getting any clear message of their agenda from any of the news that I've seen or read.  Could they be trying to destabilize the stock market even further?  How would that help their cause or causes in any way?  Perhaps the protestors need to go home and give the whole thing a little more thought, instead of trying to ruin what's left of their parents and grandparents retirement. 

My biggest question is, how do all these people have so much time on their hands?  I have to work for a living and when I'm not at work, I have responsibilities at home.  If they're not working, wouldn't their time be better spent looking for a job?  If they are working, why aren't they at work?  If they don't need a job because they're supported by government entitlement programs or are independently wealthy, then wouldn't they just be protesting against themselves?

I think they definitely need to give this thing a little more thought.  Flash mobs on Wall Street aren't likely to accomplish much. 

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