Saturday, October 29, 2011


Collected the first FDIC insured interest payment on the cash balance in my IRA account.  My investment company started offering the FDIC account option since money market rates have been so pitiful and I signed up for it right away.  As expected, the payment was nothing to get excited about, but it's that much more than I had.

Also collected dividends from SPY and CPB.  Reinvested the dividend in Campbell's Soup and kept the cash from SPY.  I believe these are the last two payments I'll get for the month of October.  Looking forward to the payouts in November from my holdings in energy limited partnerships.  I sold a large portion of my holdings in the partnerships to reduce exposure and collect on some of the capital gains, almost wish I'd held on to a few more units.  The cash payouts have been great!!!  But that's water under the bridge.  Don't plan on selling my remaining shares/units.  As it stands, I have taken all my initial investment, plus a substantial profit out of the 3 energy partnerships I have left.  So anything I collect now is icing on the cake.

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