Friday, August 11, 2017


Next Tuesday's scheduled purchase of PSEC shares will be my second purchase of stock using money earned through Swagbucks!  (See link in Link Exchange)  I'm excited about this because it's a second stream of income created using money earned at home, over the internet.  This purchase will add another 12 dividend payments per year, bringing total number of annual dividend payments to 469.  It will also increase monthly income by a little over 1%.  Not a big increase in income, but it all adds up.

So, with 469 dividend payments per year, 25 paydays from work, 28 interest payments and 12 Swagbucks payments, I'm now getting paid 534 times per year.  While most of these payments are still small, they continue to increase every single month.  It's like getting a raise every month.  If you add in the 12 cash back payments I get from my Discover checking account and the 12 gift cards from Bing rewards, I actually get paid at least 558 times per year!  At some point, this is all going to start adding up to a lot of money. 

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