Sunday, December 27, 2015


Monthly dividend income is up over 100% in December, compared to January 2015!  Even with the markets down and a recent drop in the value of current holdings, that's not a bad way to wrap up the year.  Total number of shares owned also more than doubled from January to December of this year!  Looks like January 2016 will be starting off great!  Not only will I get the first of the month dividends, but since I'm working on a holiday, I'll also be getting time and a half for my first day of work in 2016!  

Just earned another check from SendEarnings (see banner ad) and I'm already back up over $5 on the next check!  Looks like I'll be collecting more from them in the new year as well.  Also doing well with Bing Rewards, although I wasn't too happy about their recent point increase for the most popular rewards/gift cards.  While at this point I still consider it worth the effort, any more increases in points for gift cards and I'd probably drop out of the program.  When they decrease the rewards for their rewards programs, I can profit more elsewhere.

Just got my first semi-annual report from DON.  Wasted no time in reviewing that.  Wasn't overly impressed with performance, I did find it acceptable.  What I was impressed with is their current holdings, which complement my other funds quite well, with very little overlap.  When I invest in funds, I don't want the funds to all own the same stocks.  While they may have some of the big names in common, I think you're better off with less redundancy.  

My big strategy in investing is to make money from everything people do every day.  I think I've pretty well accomplished that.  It started out as a game for me to figure out how I could get money back for everything I do every day.  Then I thought about the things other people spend money on that I never do and how could I make money off their activities as well.  So that's what I targeted for investments.  Consumer stocks for day to day spending, real estate trusts (since I pay rent every month), banking, shipping, insurance, medical services, drug companies, utilities and so on.  If I pay money out on anything each month, I figure it's a safe bet a lot of other people do too and that's what I want, to own a piece of all the businesses that benefit from daily living expenses.  Like I mentioned earlier, I've pretty well accomplished that with my current investments.  So now it's just a matter of building positions, in my current holdings, to the point that the dividend income pays my expenses for me.  Simple really.

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