Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I may have been a little hasty in my last post, saying so much for a Santa rally in the stock market this year.  Stocks are jumping today and if the Fed raises rates as expected tomorrow, it could put a lot of uncertainty to rest and make way for a tremendous rally before the end of the month.  Just watched a video on CNBC where one analyst was predicting a "Rip Your Face Off" rally with stocks setting a new record high before the end of December.  Not a bad thing, just hope I get to buy the extra shares I wanted before prices go up too much.

Was excited to collect my first dividend from CSX today!  It wasn't really much money wise and I reinvested it instead of taking the cash, but I'm always excited to see a new stock purchase start paying.  Especially when I just purchased the stock the month before, as was the case with CSX.  I purchased CSX for it's history of raising dividends and intend to keep it forever or as long as they keep paying dividends.

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