Saturday, August 1, 2015


Dividend income for the month of July set an all time record high for my portfolio, thanks in part to the special stock dividend from HWBK.  Income for July beat out the previous record month of December 2014 by 10%!  Total shares owned increased by 1% through reinvested dividends.  Nice to see the steady growth of cash flow and total shares owned.

August is off to a good start with 4 dividend payments collected.  While I'm continuing to reinvest all dividends in individual stocks, I have diverted some fund dividends to cash account in order to purchase more shares of AOD and SPHD as I talked about in a previous post.  While they may not be the top performing funds, they are doing well and I have a lot of faith in the underlying assets of both funds.  Add to that the monthly dividends paid by both and I think it's a good direction for me to go in for now.

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