Saturday, February 8, 2014


Do you want to be rich?  Most everyone would, or at least
they’d like enough wealth to be comfortable.  It’s really quite
simple to accomplish, perhaps so simple most people overlook
it.  I know I have for many years now.

What I’ve come to realize is, to build wealth it doesn’t matter
where you’re starting from.  All it takes is living below your
means and converting earned income into income producing
assets, preferably those providing perpetual income.  This is
why I favor high quality dividend stocks.  I try to pick
companies I think will outlive me and ones who have a
reasonable chance to continue paying and increasing
dividends.  It doesn’t really matter if it’s stocks or a business or
income producing real estate as long as it provides a monthly
stream of increasing income.

So you decide where to invest your money and you keep
increasing your investments until the income replaces the
amount of money you make from work.  Once you’ve
accomplished this, you are finacially free to either continue
working or pursue other interests.  Ideally you’d like your
income to continue to grow.  In my case, I plan to work as long
as I’m physically able to, partly because I like to work and
partly because I’d like to keep building my assets to the point
where I’m able to take cash payments out each month and
re-invest the rest.  That way my income continues to grow
every month.  I also like the idea that my family and friends
who inherit my estate will continue to collect a monthly stream
of dividends long after I’m gone.  Providing generational

Bottom line, if you want to be rich, spend less on things and
spend as much as you can purchasing income producing assets.

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