Saturday, February 8, 2014


February is off to a good start with dividend income from my
investment portfolio up nearly 20% over last year!  So far I’ve
collected 4 dividend payments for the month with another 6
payments to come before the end of February.  Since deploying
my new investment strategy last year, I’ve seen monthly cash
flow increase dramatically over and over again.  I had expected
the increases to level off, which will most likely happen later
this year, but it’s a real rush to keep seeing such whopping
increases in income!  Wouldn’t it be great if your job gave you
so many raises?

With the Fed cutting back their stimulus program, the market
has had some extreme drops of late, with a lot of buzz about a
market correction.  Since I’m in the accumulation phase of my
investments, looking to build on the positions I already have,
I’m pretty excited about the drop in stock prices.  What it
means to me is an excellent buying opportunity.  Not only will
my investment dollars purchase more shares, with prices down
and as long as dividend payments remain the same, dividend
yields on all new shares purchased are rising.  When you’re
buying with a goal of increasing monthly cash flow from a
dividend investor’s standpoint, lower prices and higher yields
are your friend.  Not only will new cash investments help
increase overall yields and cash flow, but the cash machine I
built up over the past year is churning out dividends at the rate
of 10 to 15 payments per month which I’m having re-invested,
so cash flow is increasing at an ever more dramatic rate.

While the a market correction will not work well for
speculative investments, my exposure to speculative plays is
limited to just one stock at the present time, so I’m not
expecting much of an impact to my overall investments.  I had
a feeling this was going to be a good year and it’s sure shaping
up to be.  We’ll see how it goes.

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