Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It's been kind of a ho-hum market so far in January, not really seeing any big gains.  When you're buying like I am, that's not necessarily a bad thing.  It allows you to pick up shares at lower prices.  So I'm not really disappointed, although I like seeing price gains on my investments as well as the next person.  My big focus right now is building up my positions to increase monthly cash flow from dividends.  Lower stock prices will help me do this more quickly, since my investment capital is limited.

Made some money today on SendEarnings.com.  While it's a slow process usually, I've made a good deal of money over time with their program.  I'm over half way to earning another check which I've earmarked for investment.  Get a lot of great money saving coupons from this site.

Going to take advantage of the last day of the sale ad to pick up some extreme coupon type bargains at my local Gerbes store.  While I never get the major savings the people on the show get, I routinely save 25% or more, so it's been a great way to stretch dollars.  The less you spend the more you have to put towards your investments, so every penny counts.  In this case, I'm not saving pennies but dollars.  It's amazing how much better I'm able to live and on so much less money.  Thank God for TLC's show, it was a real eye opener.

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