Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The new year has started off with a whopping increase of 400% in dividend income compared to January of 2013!  For the first day of the new year I've collected a total of 6 dividend payments which makes my monthly dividend income 4 times what it was for the whole month of January last year.  With another 4 or 5 payments to come, income could be up a total of 600% to 700% by the end of the month.  More proof that my investment strategy is working. 

I made one new stock purchase for 2014, MACK a pharmaceutical company.  This is purely a speculative ploy and not one of my long term dividend holdings.  I bought on news of insiders buying huge blocks of shares toward the end of 2013.  I figure they're in a position to know where the company is headed and I purchased a small position in hopes of racking up some capital gains.  Should the share price take off, I'll be selling out and taking the profit to invest in my 20 stock dividend portfolio.  I'm not much into quick trading, but I don't think you should limit yourself to one means of making money with the stock market.  I've had great success with pharmaceuticals in the past and am hoping to repeat that success with MACK.

Had my new years celebration last night and am excited by the prospects for 2014!  Still a lot of political and economic uncertainties, but an experienced investor should be able to make money in any market.  I've got experience, just have to see how good that experience proves to be.

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