Saturday, November 16, 2013


I've seen a lot of news coverage regarding the disastrous launch of and a lot of talk about Obamacare in general, but I'm thinking they may be asking the wrong questions.

According to, cost estimates for implementing obamacare range anywhere from 1 to 2.6 trillion dollars.  An article on on Sept. 18, 2013 sites a Census Bureau report estimating the number of uninsured Americans at 48 million. (48 Million Uninsured Ahead of Obamacare Changes)  Now if you take the low estimate of 1 trillion dollars to implement the program and you divide it by 48 million uninsured, the government will spend an estimated $20.83 million per person just to launch the program!  Wouldn't it have been simpler and much less expensive to set up a health care trust to cover these individuals.  I'm thinking if you allowed a million dollars for each person for a total of 48 million, the government could have paid insurance coverage for all these people and saved $952 million dollars.  

To help keep the trust funded, they could have charged a token amount of $25 per individual per month and added an additional $10 million per year for the next 95 years, before they'd have reached the low estimate for launching the program.  This cost would have paid for insurance for all the uninsured while the estimated costs for Obamacare are mostly technical and administrative.  Why spend so much money and get so little in return?  

Why isn't anyone in the news media asking these kind of questions?  

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