Monday, May 27, 2013


I've always said, you can live on whatever amount of money you make, you just have to figure out how.  With that in mind, one of the ways I'm working on for Pickles and I to live better is to purchase our own place to live.  In order to make that happen, Pickles and I are moving to an apartment in a building owned  by some of my relatives.  In exchange for doing some repairs and upkeep while the building is up for sale, we get to live in the apartment rent free.  I'll have to pay utilities, but they shouldn't be much more than what I've been paying, so it should allow me to set aside cash to purchase our own place.  

While this is only a temporary situation, we'll be living in a much larger and much nicer apartment.  Since this apartment also has washer and dryer hookups, I should save additional money by not having to use the coin operated laundry like I've been doing for the past eight plus years at my current apartment.  

It's still possible in Missouri's capital city to buy a small 2 bedroom house for under $50,000.  While that might not fit most peoples' needs, it would be just right for my little dog and I.  With such a low price, the house payments would be less than the rent I'm used to paying.  If I'd bought one of these houses 10 years ago, I could have paid it off by now.  So my goal is to buy a place now, so it will be paid off by the time I retire.  Any money I save on the difference between what I'll pay in house payments and what I'm used to paying in rent, I'll put in a maintenance fund for the house.  

Times are changing and you have to roll with the punches.  That's what Pickles and I are going to do.  I'm excited about the move, but I'll sure be glad when the moving is done.  

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