Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Saturday, July 14th:  Had a great day at the Mason Dixon Line Flea Market in Union Missouri!  Sales were brisk, making for our best day to date!  We decided to visit Union in hopes of reducing some of our expanding inventory and it worked out quite well.  I also went to Versailles Sunday to see how well I could do there.  Did have some sales, but not really worth going every week.  May try a Friday sometime in the near future.  Would like to add an extra day to increase sales and profits if possible. 

Found some great items for this coming weekend at a local rummage sale today.  Bought a nice cast iron dutch oven, a vintage brass and glass oil lamp, inlaid wooden tray and some miscellaneous items.  I expect to at least triple my money on today's purchases.  Got my list of sales ready for tomorrow.  Finding items to sell is all part of the fun!  I guess it's the collector in me, only now I'm buying items to sell, so I'm not overloading my apartment.  Which means I get to enjoy the thrill of the find without the danger of becoming a hoarder, lol.

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