Friday, February 17, 2012


Yesterday I stopped at a convenience store to get gas and ran in to a girl I worked with about 5 years ago.  She's still at the same job and was telling me how much better things are there with the new managers.  After I left, I thought perhaps I should go talk to them about getting my old job back.  However, it also occurred to me that I'm still getting paid from my time working there.  In fact, I am not only getting paid from that job, I also get money every month from the job that followed that one and the unemployment I received before starting my current job.  If or when I decide to move on from my current job, I'll continue to get paid from them as well.  How is this possible?  By setting aside a small amount of my earnings each month and investing it in dividend stocks. 

If I had only known when I was younger what I know now, I'd be getting paid from every job I've ever had and would most likely be retired right now.  It doesn't take a great deal.  When I first started my investment program, I was only able to save $35 per month.  Yet I managed to accumulate a nice tidy portfolio over the years and anyone can do the same. will allow you to open an account and set aside small amounts to purchase shares of dividend stocks.  When you've purchased your initial shares you can easily re-invest dividends and start building your own portfolio.  Even if you only saved $20 per month, you'd have $240 by the end of the year.  Not a fortune, but enough to purchase dividend paying shares and start building your own cash machine that will pay you month after month, year after year. 

So my best advice to young people is;  Make it your goal to get paid for the rest of your life from every job you ever have.  No matter how much you're able to save, put a small portion aside and invest in dividend paying stocks.  Re-invest your dividends to build your cash flow and never spend your initial investment.  By doing so, you will continue getting paid in the form of dividends from every job you ever have.

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